Exhibition Information


The 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (20th WCNDT)


Monday, 27 May 11:30-20:30
Tuesday, 28 May 09:00-17:30
Wednesday, 29 May 09:00-17:30
Thursday, 30 May 09:00-17:30
Friday, 31 May 09:00-13:00


Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea

Official Language


Hosted By

The International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT)

Organized By

The Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing (KSNT)

Booth No

427 booths (based on size A booth)

Exhibition Area (Songdo Convensia 1st Floor_Hall 1+2+3)

  • With the expansion of the exhibition hall, new booths of various sizes can be booked.
  • Songdo Convesia is 12,581m2 and is an optimal exhibition hall with a capacity of 352 booths and columnless facilities.